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Hi Chris, 

I just noticed from link you posted for Language Reference, that all the entries are in reverse Alphabetic order?

Are you starting a revolutionary new filing system? (see screen shot)

(I am sorry to say how long it took me to notice!)

What would really be nice to get going is a Wiki like QB64 has: brief and then in depth descriptions plus some short examples.

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Here's what I had in mind for the requirements of an updated site:

1. Not backed by a live database - everything produced is stored in plain text files for maximum portability.
2. Generates to static HTML site  - must support mobile devices.
3. Generates to a PDF document, or at least single text file, eg sbref_v2.txt.
4. Site works with F2 key from SmallBASIC editor.
5. Community / page
 - links to external forums like this one
 - links to relevant external articles etc
 - SUB/FUNC pages can have mailto link for user update suggestions
6. Contact / support page:
 - email, etc
7. Reference guide
8. Online examples
- Already served from github
- Need to create separate "repository" for all the other code in the current site
9. ChangeLog page
10. Searchable - maybe, with Javascript
11. Download page

The current site meets some of these requirements but could meet all with some changes.  I don't think a wiki could fulfil all the requirements.

The site is based on the "markdown" format. There are lots of free tools for editing markdown files, apparently ATOM ( is quite good.

Publishing changes involves using git. There's a bit of a learning curve with git, but well worth the effort. Here's the git side of the site: - pull requests are (will be) welcome.

The site also uses the default "Jekyll" tool to generate the site (including sorting error). I'd probably switch to some other tool or maybe write something in SmallBASIC. 

The good thing about git is it's so easy to "pick up your bat and ball" and move to another host. There are also a multitude of options for serving static web pages, but github seems the best at the moment.
Well like the right mouse IDE, this looks like another big change.

It has me concerned how far from a Basic beginner... 

but maybe through Android device this is not the case.
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OK I got Atom but don't have a clue what to do with it.

Append: OK here is clue
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Same boat. I install Atom some months ago. Look really neat - different themes and all - but, I too, haven't worked out how to use it. It was recommended as an IDE to use with Python and Lua.... I suppose some tutorials may be the way to go, eh?

May your journey be free of incident.

Live long and prosper.
Hi Johnno,

Glad we are back on your browser rounds.

Are you a fan of Python or Lua? I know Cybermonkey was developing in Lua.

Hmm... Atom might work as editor for SmallBASIC as well?

Now let's see if the coffee machine is working. [$]>

Well here is what it is supposed to look like:

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Oh I just had a thought, maybe Atom will teach git along with the other stuff there.

I could kill 2 stones with one bird!

Append: Yes! Atom can "see" the .git folder I setup for a couple QB64 projects. Oh hey! lots of preloaded files and folders.

And tree view right inside editor.
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I've started making a bit of progress with the site update. 

For now, I'm using this Wikipedia style template which looks pretty good: 

Also, I've discovered it's possible to edit markdown files directly in the github website. This also includes a Preview screen. So the site would still have online editing capabilities but still be based on statically generated html. Best of both worlds!

Another thing I've also discovered is the site has been somewhat hacked. If you click view source on any page and scroll to the bottom you'll see what I mean. I'm guessing this was done with cross site scripting rather than raw password access. I removed the html but it keeps coming back. Another reason to retire the whole thing.
Hi Chris,

Oh, I see what you are talking about from my browser's "Page Source".

Yep! Source Forge site has definitely been hacked!

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Have a look at now !

Please let me know if there is anything missing from that should be added.

Thanks for MGA, shian, Johnno et al, for past help with updates to the reference guide. I've tried to preserve all the commentary as best I could in the new format.

Apart from sourceforge unreliability, the lack of email support, and the hack-ability of drupal, another reason to replace the site is: - this may also impact this site.
Wow! I thought I was looking at Wiki, Chris you've been busy!

(Speaking of recent contributors, jsalai made some nice ones too.)

Also at the Home screen, version 12.10 is being announced as released but SB is up to version 12.12 (as per downloads).
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