Maryann Board Game in Qb64
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Hello All,

Maryann is a board game I designed and named it after my wife. I put together a board game that combine rules, features and characteristics of different board games. 

The game is played on an 8x8 checkered board with 8 round discs lined up on each back row with arrows on top. The arrows point to the location where it can move to next. Each players turn consists of 2 moves. Moves consists on either one of the following: rotate player's piece, move a piece 1 space up,down, right, left, or diagonal, jump own pieces  diagonal or capture opponent's piece up, down, left or right. A piece can be rotated on the same move, counts as 2 moves, Can move 1 piece twice or 2 pieces once. As pieces are removed from rows and columns the outer rows and columns are removed from the board. The winner is the player who captures their opponents first.

That's weird! I enter the forum not logged in, and this board and post fits screen nicely!

Then I log in and the screen shot and post no longer fit the screen and I have to use dang horizontal scrollbar.

Anyway Donald, 

I want to congratulate you on yet another game. This looks like an interesting twist on checkers and... well as you said other games. This must be special to you if you name it after your wife.
B += x

Yes, it is named after my wife. I also forgot to mention that I modified your code even more. On the last game I made using your code, I had to 4 variable names with 4 dim statements. I suspect you needed the dim statements for the plasma effect. With laser chess, I was happy to get the code to work for me. But I suspected I didn't need the dim. I thought I would be able read the point and redraw it in the same loop. And that is what I've done here.

And by the way, as I was uploading my screen shot, it told me I wasn't logged in.