Laser Chess Computer Board Game in QB64
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Laser Chess

 Laser Chess is a computer board game releasedin 1987.  Many different versions hasbeen released over the years in pc and real board game form with different pieces and different rules. This is my take on the original version.
The objectof the game is to either capture or destroy your enemy’s King. Most of the game is spent arranging mirrors to set up to fire your Laser. All the pieces the same 1 space up, down, right or left. Each turn consist of 2 moves.  a move consist of moving a pieces or rotating a piece or firing your laser. You can rotate a pieces and moves it to a new location in 1 turn counts as 2 moves. On a turn you also move 2 separate pieces or moves 1 piece twice. All pieces can be rotated except the King and the Hyper-cube.
Only the King and the Block can capture an enemy’s piece.All pieces can be captured except the Hypercube.  The Hypercube also can not be destroyed. The Hypercube  when placed onto another piece, it causes that piece to disappear and re-appear at a random vacant location on the board. The Hypercube can only be used once per turn. The Triangle Mirror deflects the beam 90 degrees. The Triangle Mirror can be destroyed if hit at 1 of the non-mirror sides. The Diagonal Mirror also deflect the beam 90 degrees, bu can not be destroyed. The Block has a mirror on 1 side and can be hit on the other 3 sides. Again, the Block can captures enemy pieces. Then Straight Mirror can not be destroyed. If the Straight Mirror or the Block is hit straight on, the beam is returned by to the source and the Laser that fired the beam is destroyed.
The center of the board is called the Hyper Square and isa fixed Hypercube. When a piece lands in the Hyper Square, that piece is transported to a random vacant  location.        

I used a code snippet by bplus to enlarge the size of the characters.



Hi Donald,

Again, congratulations on another Donald Foster Game! it does look intriguing.

If you start doing one player games, my coding time might be lost to playing the games or modifying them to get more fun from playing them.

This one is more interesting than simulating old board games because it does things you can only do through computer programming or at least it would be much harder to duplicate with real board game. It is like the difference between solitaire and free cell, you can't easily produce a board that could handle Free Cell (Mine Sweeper) functionality.

Are the bottom 3 snapshots from other sources on Internet of game? or did you learn to master text rotation sample I presented? Well my guess is they are Internet snaps because that would be allot of work to get so many variations of screens, pieces and backgrounds.
B += x
Hi bplus,

The last 3 images are other versions made through the years by other programmers. This site limited how many images I could upload, I had more. I originally started making this game back around 1989 on my Tandy 2000, but I don't think I completed it. The graphics were also great on that computer. I'll see if I can upload a few more images from the internet of other versions also.

Hi Donald, 

Don't worry about other images, your screen shot is as good or better! (Except that background board of last image is interesting if created by formula and not from photo.)
B += x

How many images are you able to upload before it stops you from uploading any more? I have the maximum number of attachments per post set so high that you should never be able to reach it.

Please let me know.
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Can this be dumbed down to Laser Checkers? I'm only asking for a..., ah..., for a... , oh, for a friend!

Pete Big Grin
It let me post 5 images in the first post and none in the second.

It probably can be turned into checkers or any game.