Start in fullscreen?
Hi to all SmallBASIC experts. Is it possible to start SmallBASIC in fullscreen mode, so that I do not have any distraction? Also, the "retro" experience would be more authentic. Tongue
Hi Cybermonkey,

I have been using SmallBASIC now for a couple of years but would not call myself an expert by a long shot but I can pass messages along to Chris if don't want to use SmallBASIC forum yourself and we can't figure out what you are needing here.

First, to me "full screen" means: with SB running, clicking the upper right square in Windows (maybe you use Linux or other but I imagine still a min/max box in upper right corner?) Full screen is the click that fills screen with SmallBASIC and click again to toggle to less than that. I think I stretch my screen by grabbing edges and pulling wider or higher for when have less than screen filled... something like that. Then usually the setting for the smaller size is saved for the next time it is toggled???  I am always running full screen, you need it for room to read SmallBASIC's error messages and help on right side column and still see most all the code... remember the screen constants xmax, ymax are set according to screen you start with.

"retro" experience? again your term is baffling, like a normal IDE do you mean? If not maybe a scsreen shot?

If it (standard IDE style) is what you mean, sorry, you know how these independent developers of PL or flavor get an idea in their head... ;-)) but you can use Editors like Geany or Notepad++ for editing. I have not used other editors for SmallBASIC and miss being able to post many files under tabs but right click editing is pretty cool if you can get use to it.

I doubt you are using on Android device?
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Sorry, if I wasn't clear enough. I know I can stretch the window, but I mean that the whole screen is covered, so that everything from the desktop is hidden (e.g. taskbar etc.). Just like if you are playing any game on Windows or Linux, they are usually running in full screen mode. Fuze Basic for example can be started in full screen mode by adding a "-f" on the command line. I just wanted to know if this is also somehow possible with SmallBASIC.
With "retro" I mean that classical 8 bit computers had no fancy GUI and such, just the bare BASIC screen and nothing else... So if the whole screen could be covered I think SmallBASIC would fit my "retro" feelings. (I even have now a keyboard without a numpad ...Cool )

Something like that but on my x86 computer:
Ah! cover the task bar, no.

I guess you can't hide the task bar? I wouldn't want to but...

Hey really go back in time and try the command prompt!

 or a shell? maybe?

Hey what would happen if you call RUN SB from SB?

Append: well running from command prompt still leaves task bar visible, so I bet shell does same.

Hey maybe something can be arranged by running QB64 with full screen mode and running SB from there?
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I long for the old days when two guys wouldn't be caught dead talking about playing "hide the task bar" on a public forum!

Pete Shocked
So Pete what do you think about running QB64 in a full screen mode and running SB from there?
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I used to run QBasic programs only in full screen. When I moved on to QB64, I started running everything in a window. I was actually the inspiration behind the _fonts creation, because without that creation, the window and type were just too small. Yes, by inspiration I mean I bitched about it until Rob came up with a solution. I'm inspiring a customer service rep from Cox Cable, as we speak...

Anyway, fullscreen for mobile would have to something reserved to switch it back, like a reserved tap in the right corner. That's gammy, as people want to have compete control of screen taps. Maybe Chris could make it sensitive to shaking, sort of like an etch-a-sketch. Shake it and it changes modes. I suppose if gestures were enhanced, pinching the screen back to a window could be accomplished. Anyway, easy stuff to talk about but a lot of work to develop.

Pete Smile
Yay I got it! Works at least with KDE. Just click the upper left corner of the window and choose "fullscreen" as seen in the screenshot. It's in German, though, so it's called "Vollbild". I hope this will work with Cinnamon desktop, too.

Hi Cybermonkey,

Great! KDE hmm...

I was going to break down and suggest you try QB64 because it has Full Screen options and a whole lot more than SmallBASIC including compiled programs.

I think Pete misunderstood what I was asking, replying about Android usage.

I am using newer screen commands and don't know ins and outs of SCREEN mode numbers. I thought there were screen modes maybe even _ScreenFull like command to get full screen mode and then I thought from that, one could try a RUN command of the SmallBASIC exe, sbasicg64.exe (or the two other exe versions) from where ever it is in your folder system. That sure would have been an interesting experiment.

At moment, I have on my stack reading a LISP interpreter written in QB64 and reading rks interpreter for running script games, to see what I might beg, barrow or steal for BRUN (mainly just getting ideas how to do things).
 other wise I'd do research to check out my experiment of a RUN of SB through a Full Screen in QB64. I asked Pete not just because I am lazy but also he might have that information handy from his experience.

ha! some of those samples might look familiar to what I have posted at Retrogameprogramming.
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