The Amazing Countdown Machine DEMO
Here it is everyone, I know all three of you are excited to see this, and here it is. I simple count down program loaded from an .SBS. Now, this version is updated from those old computer books, you know the learn how to write basic programs and whatnot. So, I'm posting the code and with a link to watch the video. 

Snow Basic Demo

PRINT "The Amazing Countdown Machine:"
        PRINT ""
        PRINT "5  P# Come one, come all. Gather to see the"
        PRINT "10 P# AMAZING COUNTDOWN MACHINE. Enter a number"
        PRINT "20 P# but not too high."
        PRINT "30 P# Enter a number..."
        PRINT "40 I# N"
        PRINT "50 P# Beginning countdown process..."
        PRINT "60 P# N"
        PRINT "70 L# N = N - 1"
        PRINT "80 IF N <> -1 THEN 60"
        PRINT "90 GO# 10"