Block It! in Qb64
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Hello all,

Block It! is a abstract strategy 2 to 4 player board game.

Object of game: To place all you blocks on the board first

Game consist of 2 game boards to choose from (black or white), 25 pieces with 4 colors arranged 5x5 on the board that can be rotated. Each player has 2 or 3 blocks of their color started off the board and a 6 sided dice showing types of moves players use on each turn.

The game starts off with the 25 pieces randomly arranged on the board. Each piece has a white stem so the pieces can be picked up and rotated. The pieces have 4 colors in each corner of the piece representing each players color. The players are trying to arrange 4 blocks in a square shape pattern trying to match the 4 inner corners colors to their color. Once all 4 corners match the player's color, that player places 1 of their blocks in the center of the 4 pieces claiming that spot on the board. Those 4 pieces a now locked down to the board and can not be rotated. If at the start of a players turn, there is already a new matching pattern with their color, the player place 1 of their blocks in that space, then the player takes their turn. If a the end of their turn, a new pattern of their color is formed, they place 1 of their blocks in the pattern.

A turn consist of rolling the the dice and performing the move indicated on the dice. The 6 moves are: rotate clockwise once, rotate clockwise twice, rotate counter clockwise once, rotate counter clockwise twice, swap any 2 pieces, and remove any players block. The rotate moves show 1x or 2x and an arrow showing the direction of rotation. on the 2x, you rotate 2 separate pieces or the same piece twice. Click on the piece you want to rotate. The swap moves has 2 arrows facing in opposite directions. You are asked to choose the 2 pieces to swap. The move a block move has a outline of a block with an X through it. Clock on any players block and it is removed from the board.

I have included a copy of the rules

Hope you enjoy playing


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