Just Basic - What it's good for
There is a saying choose the right tools for the job. 

Well first some background on Just Basic:
_____If you Google or Bing "Basic programming", Just Basic is still the first Basic dialect that appears on the first page (which more and more is being over run by the subject "General basic programming" as opposed to Basic (a Programming Language). (see attachment from Bing today) So I have the impression it is the last Basic standing that appeals directly to people interested in learning programming by way of traditional Basic and it is one dialect that has remained true to the original spirit or programming for everyone, not just for people who want to program professionally.

 _____It is kind of odd because Just Basic is a sort of free sampler to Liberty Basic still being actively developed by Carl Gundel, here is the blurb http://justbasic.com, Just Basic is free, Liberty Basic is not. So a cynic might say, Just Basic is a tool to get people hooked on Carl's version of Basic and then pay the real dollars for Liberty Basic to get the advanced version for API, dll... It's true, Carl's graphics and GUI is unique in comparison to other Basic's I've tried but all Basic graphics have unique aspects... 

So what kind of jobs might Just Basic be good for?
_____So main reason to use Just Basic, to start learning programming or refresher course coming from traditional BASIC background. The core language is familiar to anyone with BASIC background specially GW-BASIC, Quick Basic... which is where/when I come. There are two types of variables used number (no suffix) and String ($) suffix. Line labels and GOSUB's are encouraged more here than any other 'modern' Basic I've encountered, specially in GUI development. Arrays are up to 2 dimensions and always Global.

_____So GUI is another BIG reason one might use Just Basic, it has well developed well documented well supported GUI and has had it for over a decade. More advanced than what I've found in QB64, I never got around to checking out one of FreeBasic's versions.

_____The integers are infinitely long, so if you are doing a number theory thing you don't have to worry about digit limits on number type, you do have to avoid a switch to floats under the hood should you start dividing...

_____Just basic has a very interesting WORD$(longishString$, wordnumber, [wordDelimiter]) function that is handy for string groupings (like words or for parsing), like MID$ is handy for letters/characters, you can pick out words or word groups with it. Say you inhale a file into a longString$ variable, you could then access each line or each word from it by number say the 5th word (separated by spaces) or the 5th line (separated by chr$(10)) or the 5th word in the 5th line = WORD$(WORD$(fileString$, 5, Chr$(10), 5) the default word delimiter is a space.

So those are the highlights of Just Basic through the eyes of my experience with it for 2 years or so.
_____Oh, compared to VB's GUI say VB for DOS or early VB 2.0, the GUI is a disappointment, the form designer will get a form started but can't go back and redesign elements and JB is not event programming the way VB was event programming. So ERIK if you are happy with VB for GUI, JB would be a step down but it would also be a step down in complexity in learning to use GUI.

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