Rushi Board Game in QB64
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Hello all,

Rushi is a 2 player board game. The goal is to be the first player to get their pieces across the board to their opponent's home row. The Board is a 6X5 game board with each players having 7 pieces, 6 on the board and 1 in their hand. There are 3 different pieces: cross, x and single arrow piece. All pieces has arrows. The arrows point to other squares on the board. 

A move consist of taking the piece in your hand and placing on the board at 1 of the squares that at least 1 arrow is poiting to. Then pick up 1 of the pieces that has an arrow pointing to the square you placed your piece. The piece you pick up goes in your hand. So a move consist of placing a piece and picking up a piece. If you have no playable moves or you can choose to swap the piece in your hand with another of your pieces on the board. However, you can not swap pieces 2 moves in a row. 

To prevent players from keeping a piece on their back row, preventing their opponent from moving a piece there, all pieces must be moved off their back row within 100 moves. after 89 moves, if either player still has any pieces on their back row they will get a warning to get their pieces off the back row. So each player will have 5 moves each to clear their back row. If after 100 moves, 1 of the players still has a piece on the back row, the game is over and their opponent is delcaired the winner. If both players still have a piece left on their back row, the game ends in a draw.

The first player has the blue arrow piece and their oppnent has the green arrows. The back side of the pieces are blue and green accordenly. A back side of the current players piece is centered on the right side of the screen to indicate which player's turn it is. Beside the player's indicator piece on the right side of the screen, will appear a SWAP button that you can click if you wish to swap pieces. The button will then be selected and you will be prompt to choose piece on the board to swap with. 

The game starts off with a single arrow piece in your hand. That piece can be placed on the board facing 4 different directions. So, when the game starts, 4 single arrow pieces are on the right side of the screen, beside the board next to your back row. use your mouse to select which piece rotation you want. Then that rotation will be selected with a cursor around it and placed centered. The cross and the X will automatically be selected and you just choose the square on the board to place it.

If more than 1 piece is pointing to the piece just placed, a cursor will surround those pieces. Click on the piece that you want to put in your hand. If only 1 piece pointed to that square, the piece will automaticlly placed in your hand and play continued to the next player.

As the pieces reach your opponents back row, they are flipped to the back side of the piece and locked there. if you can't play a piece then your turn is skipped and you will be promted to press ENTER to continue to next player. 

I have included a copy of the rules. Hope you enjoy playing.