Chess Input Interface using Chess ttf font
This subject was restarted at by TempodiBasic who updated THE Bob's Chess Interface for mouser GUI.

I have tried a similar Interface using Chess.ttf font, sorry no AI attached yet, stay tuned...

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OK, I patched in the Interface to the sample Chess.bas program with AI and fixed stability.

Now you can play a game of Chess with mouse clicks (still have to key in Castles) against the Chess program AI.

PS the docs for the Chess font are in previous post zip file.

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Much has happened in discussions of interface concerning mouse actions at .net

TempodiBasic and I have found a difference between Walter's QB64 and latest stable build from .net

BUT, both of us maybe using crappy code technique to catch the mouse a couple of times to highlite and move a piece, according to Fellippe.

Anyway, if you are a chess and QB64 coding fan you might want to give the link a Check!
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