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Silly Question - johnno56 - 03-31-2018

Firstly... The new SB website is very nice. Clean and efficient.

My silly question is, am I correct in assuming that the SB forum is located 'here'? As I cannot find it on the new SB site. Just curious...


RE: Silly Question - bplus - 03-31-2018

Hi Johnno,

If you click the Community link from the Home Page, you see under forums 3 listings:
1. Google+
2. This site TJP
3. Retrogamecoding and Basicprogramming Forum

I checked Google+ and 3 people listed 2 of which are Chris. There is one very fine SmallBASIC program sample there by a very brilliant SB coder. ;-))

RE: Silly Question - johnno56 - 03-31-2018

Cool. Joined G+... Not sure what to do there... lol