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Full Version: N54 site
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Hey Pete:

The link to N54 at:

returns a blank page....

I concur.
Hi Erik,

Since you can't get ORG directly try this link to Pete's thread that reports what is going on:

Walter, would you prefer I PM Erik the link? Oh! there is an error message again!
(I will remove this post if you do.)
Happy to update here, too...

They (Tapatalk) finally took the "beta" heading off the boards but still only have 12 of the 22 forums that should have been migrated. So one problem solved but one remains. I wrote them again yesterday to find out why when they removed the beta without adding the other forums or updating (overwriting) the beta board with the most current N54 posts made past the beta migration time if February. Keep in mind they never promised they would be able to put up any more than what they migrated in the beta version but they did say they would update the existing beta forums. So the reality is if the missing boards get added, they would be doing me a favor. We'll see. I'd rather see that happen than just putting up a few missing posts that were made while Network54 was still up and active.

I doubt they did any redirects. They talked about them but so far, the only thing I see redirecting to Tapatalk is the URL and not people's individual forum addresses. Since the boards is no longer in beta, I would imagine it should be picked up by search engines in the newt couple of weeks. I'll have to remember to get Bob to put out chips when that happens, as I'm certain we will be flooded with mass visitations. Big Grin


No, you do not have to PM him the link, so you can leave the post.

What were you doing when you got that message? I might be able to resolve the problem.
Hi Walter, 

I was just making that post. That's all. I might have had ORG up in 2nd tab in browser to test the link before posting.

It's not really causing any problems on my end, it's just a message that shows up when I make posts sometimes.
From that stupid site i only receive spam email of tapatalk 
what a crap is that?
and what is with qb64net forum
is it dead?
Tap a talk spam is a crap.

It appears is dead or in deep coma, where have you been?
Oh i see
on qb64 org
net will be only in read-only mode which mean that story is finished
so here is the second forum and main is on org..hmmm

I've been telling people for years that QB64 was dying, and everything your saying is proving my point. I saw it coming, but nobody would listen. Oh well. As a friend of mines always says, "Not my monkey, not my circus".