Is there a BASIC that compiles Android and Mobile apps?
I posted a quote detailed reply on my laptop, but when I posted it, it showed an error and said I had to enter a message.  So this response is much shorter, from my Android device.

Code not posted because of above.

Suggest you go to which gives details of BASIC! and other associated apps.  If you have PC download Bluestacks.  From there you can access Google Play and download BASIC! and BASIC! Compiler.
Suggest also looking at Mintoris Basic and many others in the store.

Using the internet browser, you can download BBC Basic SDL2.0.  This is an interpreter, but is very powerful and is aligned to BBC Basic for Windows.  You can write both Console and GUI programs.

Have fun!

I wondered about that, taking code from Android and attempting to post at forum that needs a Windows laptop to display or just cutting and pasting code at a forum...

BBC for Windows I have tried a couple years ago, it is OK probably better if you have BBC Basic background but I started with GW and then Quick Basic 4.5 going the USA, MS route... with first PC programming experience. I never heard of BBC Basic nor Spectrum until I started attending BASIC forums in 2014.

Are you English or from UK? or across the pond?

Besides, I have LBB and JB for GUI and speed what more does BBC Basic SDL 2.0 provide?

Maybe speedier graphics? LBB doesn't improve JB's graphics (at least last time I tried).
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I'm from UK.

You've got me a bit confused.  I thought you were after something specifically for Android, not PC.

I have noted you on several forums about Basic for PC, so I am aware that you know some of the Basic dialects for PC.  With all computer programming languages, it's a bit of horses for courses.  My experience with LBB is that it its generally quicker than JB, but I'm sure there will be some instances where it is not.  However, JB is a subset of LB.  LBB its generally quicker than LB and I find it possible to write more concise code in GUI because LB doesn't handle Maphandle properly.

I have BBC Basic for Windows on my PC and also BBC Basic SDL2.0.  The latter is just to see how it works.  However, you can have BBC Basic SDL2.0 on MAC and Linux, but in each case it is an interpreter.  It's quite useful if you want to write the same program on different platforms.

But if you want QB compatible (or near compatible) then you need to look at QB64 or Freebasic.  The latter has lots of libraries for Windows GUIs.  I wish that QB64 had a decent Windows library.  But then I ramble.  Its due to old age.

If you want to try copying and pasting between Android and Windows, then Bluestacks is probably your answer.  The code I included in the post that vanished was copied from BASIC! (Ctl C) and pasted (Ctl V).  So it's easy to do.  There are also some GW compatible Basics on Android.  Probably interpreters.
"@bolus"  ;-))  I guess I can be quite a pill, hard to swallow!


No, I am not looking for a BASIC that compiles on Android, that was the OP (original poster), sorry about your confusion. It would require me getting a proper Android device and that would require of me having a young person's eye-sight, sigh...

I do like very much sharing impressions of various Basic dialects and meeting other fans, so thank you for sharing.

Don't worry about rambling, as I said at JB forum, we Americans love rambling so much we named a car after the activity.
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