cthulhu madness
Yoggothog mg f'athg ep hrii orr'e 'fhalma hafh'drn phlegeth, nglui ron phlegeth mnahn' throd 'fhalma chtenff R'lyeh bug, Chaugnar Faugnnyth

nog hai nw ebunma llll 'ai naYoggoth, grah'noth nwagl ph'hlirgh nog syha'h Yoggoth cya. Ch' namnahn' f'li'hee uaaah

'fhalma Nyarlathotepog 'fhalma r'luh ya shugg vulgtlagln, y'hah ngfhtagn n'ghft y-fm'latgh k'yarnak hafh'drn Cthulhu llll. Shtunggli ftaghu

Chaugnar Faugn uaaah nog kadishtu lw'nafh mg ehye y'hah goka, y-ee gokaoth hupadgh nalw'nafh zhro orr'e

shugg stell'bsna ph''ai, geb nnnch' li'hee grah'nnyth cr'luh Azathoth kadishtu y-n'gha nnngnaiih. Cphlegeth orr'e 'bthnk Nyarlathotep shagg

shugg ph'Azathoth nggeb stell'bsna, cthrod shogg n'gha zhro sgn'wahl orr'e shogg sgn'wahl, nnnhai shugg

goka k'yarnak fhtagnnyth uh'e Shub-Niggurath.
Zhro fhtagn Nyarlathotep n'gha 'bthnk geb ftaghu gotha tharanaknyth f''fhalma grah'n, f'ilyaa naflshtunggli nnnchtenff ebunma gof'nn

fm'latghyar mnahn' Tsathoggua y-shugg. Tharanak uln h'stell'bsna n'ghaog naflli'hee shtunggli h'Cthulhu geb shogg ch',

ph'gnaiih wgah'n ngshogg y'hah r'luhyar orr'e ftaghu wgah'n, h'shugg shoggnyth syha'h wgah'n navulgtm nak'yarnak geb stell'bsna. Gof'nn uh'e

ngk'yarnak sll'ha Hastur fm'latgh Yoggoth naflnglui ilyaaagl, hlirgh li'hee tharanak Yoggoth ilyaa

Yoggoth ya, ch' nilgh'ri orr'eog f'sgn'wahl nglui ilyaa goka. Vulgtlagln ep sll'hanyth n'ghft shogg mg naflhupadgh cnog, ph'mg grah'nyar nw

grah'n 'bthnk 'ai uaaah ngvulgtlagln, chtenff nnnfm'latgh 'bthnk ch' hrii vulgtm.
Sorry. I have not read anything from H.P. Lovecraft and have no way of translating the text. Is there an English version of your posting?

May your journey be free of incident.

Live long and prosper.
Not to be out done...

"    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn. Zhro mg R'lyeh shagg uln kadishtu, athg r'luhoth uaaah sll'ha y-mg uaaah hrii y-shagg f'shugg naflftaghu, r'luh f'nw wgah'n geb bug nog ch' goka mnahn' hupadgh. 'ai ebunma hai llll ph'sgn'wahl geb sll'ha ooboshu kn'a y'hah Azathoth, mgnyth 'ai kadishtu ngfm'latgh nguh'e uh'e f'hrii ngooboshu 'bthnk ilyaa tharanak, bug tharanak sll'ha nw lloig csll'ha vulgtm fhtagn naflgrah'n. Ron fm'latgh Yoggothyar hrii Dagonagl llll, bug mnahn' y-Shub-Niggurath shtunggli tharanak cooboshu, nnnphlegeth ehye gof'nn h'hafh'drn. Mnahn' uh'e nnn'fhalma Yoggoth zhro kadishtu goka vulgtlagln clw'nafh r'luh, ahog llll shagg syha'h ooboshuoth ya nilgh'ri Chaugnar Faugnyar, grah'n shogg fm'latgh cHastur nnnAzathoth n'gha ilyaa ooboshu.

    Sll'ha ee stell'bsna ron ilyaa phlegeth ron f'shogg ilyaanyth h'llll shogg, hafh'drn fhtagn s'uhnnyth Azathoth ch' nagoka y-uh'e shtunggli shugg, lloig Yoggoth lloig wgah'n ee hai ch' hafh'drnog Shub-Niggurath. Gof'nn h'r'luh zhro nagnaiih nilgh'ri h'uaaah Hastur Tsathoggua, hupadghnyth ph'phlegeth nnnnw zhro nnngof'nn. Hai Cthulhu ph'bug nanw gotha ph'geb Hastur uh'e, hai bug Hastur fm'latgh f'Shub-Niggurath lw'nafh vulgtm, y-nw athg bugyar n'gha athg kn'a. R'luh 'ai uln 'fhalma R'lyehagl orr'e Shub-Niggurath nnnorr'e ooboshuyar, s'uhn shagg athg vulgtm llll s'uhn nglui, syha'h k'yarnaknyth Yoggoth uh'e ee nnnk'yarnak naflmg. Syha'h ron mnahn' f'ep naflAzathoth y-n'gha ep 'fhalma ch' syha'h, naTsathoggua Chaugnar Faugn mg athg Yoggoth geb ee hlirgh fhtagn zhro, grah'n Nyarlathotep mg kadishtuor kn'a Nyarlathotep fhtagn sgn'wahl.

    'bthnkor vulgtlagln llll nw hai hupadgh cnilgh'ri shtunggli naflgrah'n hriiagl zhro, ngshogg clw'nafh nauh'e s'uhn mgnyth Dagon naflgnaiih cvulgtm ah n'ghft ph'ooboshu, vulgtlagln grah'n hrii nilgh'ri hafh'drn hlirgh hafh'drnor ngShub-Niggurath li'hee. Syha'h nglui 'ai h'nglui shugg Nyarlathotep naR'lyeh kadishtu nwnyth y-Dagon, nailyaa sll'ha f'uh'e tharanak li'hee y-uaaah Hastur Azathoth, sll'ha hupadgh ehye nnnron nw ron nw gof'nnnyth. Ph'Cthulhu mg Nyarlathotep cbug ilyaa kadishtunyth R'lyeh, n'ghft shagg 'bthnk gotha nog hriiog 'fhalma, R'lyeh uln f'athg grah'n y-Yoggoth. CYoggoth fhtagnnyth n'gha gof'nn ah lloigagl athgog li'hee uaaah nilgh'ri kn'a, hupadgh uaaah cn'ghft ya r'luh lw'nafh n'ghft wgah'n ooboshu nglui, shagg nnnooboshu zhro grah'n ahog uaaah y-chtenff syha'h 'ai.

    R'luh throd shtunggli li'hee ilyaanyth nw Nyarlathotep ph'hrii, nw R'lyeh tharanak h'Chaugnar Faugn ilyaa zhroyar, kadishtu bug hai mg vulgtm nglui. Y-throd li'hee shagg stell'bsnanyth ah shagg vulgtm llll, n'ghft ilyaa cthrod h'lw'nafh nglui mnahn' wgah'n fhtagn, Nyarlathotep R'lyeh vulgtm nasll'ha Chaugnar Faugn geb. Ftaghu nog ng'bthnk shtunggli bug Yoggoth uln orr'e ph'phlegeth, orr'eyar geb hlirgh nnnbug ph'grah'n ehye mg hupadgh Dagon, nwagl f'mnahn' ph'ep Hastur h''bthnk h'llll hupadgh. F'n'ghft gof'nnog f'r'luh nilgh'riyar orr'e shugg 'fhalma gnaiih, ya throd Cthulhu ooboshu wgah'n ah R'lyeh Shub-Niggurath, ah y'hah uh'e throd uln gnaiih.

    Tharanak llll 'ai ee ftaghu shtunggli n'gha Yoggoth shagg 'ai hupadgh ee, r'luh throd ron Cthulhu Tsathoggua hlirgh Shub-Niggurathog 'bthnk tharanak n'gha zhro, y'hah ph'Cthulhu hafh'drn throd corr'e cfm'latgh ch' vulgtm nilgh'ri chtenffagl. Ehye Nyarlathotep goka h'hupadgh hlirgh sll'ha n'gha uh'e ebunma nnnron naflhlirgh, ph'ftaghu nilgh'ri uh'eyar ah kn'a Azathoth kn'a lw'nafh ftaghu cep ep, chtenff nnnnglui wgah'n f'Shub-Niggurath nilgh'ri h'gof'nn cshugg Azathothnyth cfm'latgh. Chtenff throd nnnR'lyeh shogg stell'bsna fm'latgh s'uhn kadishtu, zhro y-wgah'n 'ai nnny'hah uln vulgtlagln hrii n'gha, 'ai hai r'luh n'gha hai shagg. "
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Oh, now you're just showing off... lol

May your journey be free of incident.

Live long and prosper.
I have never encountered H. P Lovecraft so needed the clue that this language was his own (Bing didn't recognize it). When I first saw it, I thought it might be Klingon but I think Bing does recognize that.

When I looked up translating Lovecraft's language there was not a long list of words, prefix, and suffix so I am tempted to write a translator and test it with OP and Walter's reply.

I wonder how long it would take? Not long, if I could get the list into straight text I think.
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Quote:Sorry. I have not read anything from H.P. Lovecraft and have no way of translating the text. Is there an English version of your posting?