Interpreter design and the saving of a life
I've been having such trouble with myself lately, I went out for a smoke last night, and found an ambulance parked across the street. I was flagged down by an elderly man for help. I ran over and got they're attention. Out of nowhere another one popped up, i rushed to let them in and that was it. Don't know if the person lived or died. But this is what I did. 

I can't seem to escape this mind prison that i'm in. The walls are shrinking and I find myself feeling trapped like a bird. This entire experiment on my mind is going to stop. I'm working on a language, far more better then SB and will be free from the eyes of the masses from QB64. I'm done, I feel as if this departure from the language will be a good decision. I'm done, the headaches are back and my eyes are twitching. I can't seem to feel normal anymore and this is because of the medication that has been given to me, in order too keep me down. Keeping me down from the hands above, who wish to see me be silenced. I can't keep doing this anymore. The new project will be my evolution of the language and will be used in creating something great. I'm planning something massive with this and it will be great. 

I will post images of my work in a day or so. With that being said, I hope everyone has a great day.