Add avatar at N54 site
Hate to say this Pete: I have been unable to change my avatar at your N54 site:

Quote:Personal Photo Notes - Read This First!
Your personal photo is attached to every post that you make at Network54 but will only display if you have a Network54 Select Account, or if the forum you are posting to is a Network54 Premier forum.
Your photo should be in a JPEG, GIF, or PNG file format, less than 128KB in size, and is automatically formatted to 70x70 pixels. For the best results, we recommend that you format your image to 70x70 pixels before uploading your photo.

That link has never worked..


specifically at:

it always says:

One or more errors occurred in your upload attempt
There was an error uploading your file.

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Yes, you found the correct area to upload / change an avatar.

The problem? I suspect N54 has shut some features off because of the migration to Tapatalk servers or it may be just experiencing a glitch that will be cleared up in a couple of days. If you try again in a few days and it still isn't working, you'll probably have to wait until the migration is complete. There has been no time estimate by Tapatalk as to when that will be. Alos, since the avatars, which get uploaded, are not kept in individual accounts, I can't upload one for you. In other words avatars are not under my control, they are for all Network54 forums a user might join. Sorry we can't make this happen right now. Sad

This is why I pay for my own webhosting. I do not want to be at someone elses mercy if I don't have to.

If I had my choice, I would have my own servers with T10 lines or better, but that is too costly for what I want to do. Maybe one day my dreams will come true.
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I tend to agree, but N54 is an interesting situation. If I had made the forum, I would just have put it on one of my paid server accounts but I inherited the QBasic Forum, just as the owner before me did. The retro feel was something the members were more in favor of keeping, so we never took it private. I'm just glad Steve at Network54 was able to arrange a sale, instead o just closing up shop.

Tapatalk has some pro and cons, but it all equals out. It should be a good home for the forum, fingers crossed. It appears they will support avatars, at least it is showing up that way on the beta boards. One negative I will have to work around is a donate button. It makes it sound like a visitor or member is donating to the site, but the donation just goes to Tapatalk. I don't want to give the impression I'm asking for donations, I'm not. That button is on every Tapatalk site of this category.

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