VB .NET Tokenizer Class
this is from CP & GH vb.net project called ajBasic
so anyone who have vbNet instaled can try this class ..i will try to translate this
to fb or o2

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OK Aurel, so you have been reinfected with enthusiasm for interpreters again? Wink
B += x
well ..in fact i never stop
do you know what you need for LET SAY SOLID INTERPRETER?
3 things:
lexer - tokenize source code to token list
parser - transform token list to AST (abstract syntax tree) or produce bytecode array
evaluator - aka Virtual Machine - execute bytecode or execute with tree-walker
is that too fantastic?
there are really big amount of such a stuff over internet..
...main problem is how to properly connect all 3 things to work together
do you agree with that ?

Ok ..everyone is welcome to add his version of lexer ,parser etc
written in any dialect or C or Vbnet to contribute in this topic.
( good way to forget about useless OFF TOPIC fights..right? )
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