Update 01/21/2018
So, I've been having trouble still with said load feature. Though it's coming alone nicely. A new feature is being added and Walter's helping me along the way. When you look at a word processor like WORD or in other programs. When you type LOAD, you see all the files that you can load right. So this feature is being added. Now, I'm self taught when it comes to programming, a lot of you may know that. I never took a class or anything like that. But got my education by reading old crummy tutorials from sites that were from the 2000 - 2005. You can tel by the look of my text adventures. But this...this is going to be my legacy. It means a lot to be able and create something that children with learning disabilities can use. It's meant for my son and for those who have a difficulty in learning programming. I don't know if I said this before or not. But, I'm suffering from lack of sleep. So with that being said. The SAVE feature works and everything's coming along nicely. There's a lot of work left to be done, but not to fear, I won't give up. I'll try and post here as much as I can, at least once a day. I'm hoping to get my Snow Basic Calculator up and running tomorrow. So stay tuned.

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