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Isolation Board Game in QB64 - Donald Foster - 05-21-2015 11:49 PM

Hello all,

Isolation is a 2 player board game played on a 6 X 8 board.

Players takes turns moving their piece 1 space in any of the 8 surrounding directions to an empty space on the board. The that player then removes a empty playing square from the board.

Each player is trying to Isolate their opponent positions and prevent them from moving my removing squares from the board around them.

The player loses when there are no spaces left for them to move to.

Controls: Use ARROW Keys to move Cursor. ENTER to select a board location.

I have included a copy of the rules.

Hope you enjoy playing.


RE: Isolation Board Game in QB64 - Anthony.R.Brown - 05-25-2015 04:58 PM

Such a Nice Simple game to learn Donald Smile these sort of Games can get Youngsters thinking Logically from a young age which later can Grab their interest again with Chess Etc. leading to anything maybe even a Future world Champion Smile

Who really knows what Games the Great Chess Players started playing first ? but I bet it was not Chess! Wink


RE: Isolation Board Game in QB64 - Donald Foster - 05-25-2015 10:39 PM

That's a very interesting point of view. And it also a very fast paced game. It's funny how many different games that players try to block other players in from making any more moves. This game removes sections of the board. Point-Blank limits movement by only being a to play in a reserved location and at the and at the same time fill up the board. Amazons, after moving your piece you place a block. Blockade and Kage, you put up walls to surround your opponent.

Chess has very interesting strategies and how different players has different strategies. When I met my wife, 2 of her sons already knew how to play chess. Each one was taught by a different family member. So I had to use different strategies depending on which one I was playing.


RE: Isolation Board Game in QB64 - Waltersmind - 05-26-2015 01:19 AM


This is a great implementation of such a very fun game. By you recreating these wonderful games and sharing with the community, you have not only advertised games many of us have never heard of, but makes me want to buy them.

After saying that, I really want to bring to everyone's attention the power of the logic you used on creating playable games. Though I enjoy programming, I don't always grasp the logic behind the games and just am amazed how you seem to grasp them so easily.

I played several rounds of this game against myself and I absolutely love it. Many may wonder how I can play games against myself, and honestly it is easy, and difficult at the same time. Since I already know what my opponent is thinking, I try to figure out how to stump him (myself) for his (my) next move. This really makes playing a game against myself very challenging and fun. No, I do not have multiple personalities, but I do use that idea as tool.

Thanks again for such great entertainment.

Walter Whitman
The Joyful Programmer
a.k.a: Waltersmind
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RE: Isolation Board Game in QB64 - Donald Foster - 05-26-2015 01:15 PM

Each game has it's own set of challenges. Who I'm going to make the Board and Pieces. Which user inputs to use. Then there's the logic, how to if a player has a legal and what are the possible locations and has a player won or lost the game.

I do want to start creating sprites a pieces and load them into the game. Once I can do that with no problem, I try to help Anthony with his chess game, if he still needs help.

There are types of games I want to make, but don't know how to do the logic. Exp: Go, there are way to many ways to surround pieces and be able to code that. There is also the games that link one end of the board to the other end. Anthony is pretty good at algorithms. I wonder if he could come up win one for those problems.

I also want to make hex board games. I have successfully made a hex board game over 20 some years ago. But the is still cut square, even though the spaces on the are hexagons. I have down load a few pages of articles on formulas for calculating neighboring board positions. But algebra and trig are NOT my strong points at all.

Every game I make I spend a lot of time playing it by myself. Then after the game is finished, I still have play many more games to make sure the game is working properly. I know what you mean by playing by yourself.