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Rotating Colors in Text Strings ver 2.0 (Cool) - Waltersmind - 08-20-2017 12:57 PM


These were fun to make as well. These are some more effects I seen back in the good old days of DOS.


I never really think of my work as being brilliant, because I strive to become as good as educated professional software developers that could do this stuff in their sleep. I know I am selling myself short on the matter, I always do, but it is part of my personal training to perfect my skills in this craft.

I have always believed that the more simple things you create, the more knowledge you acquire.

Also, I created The wheel image you see in my above post in Corel Draw X6, which is a high-end graphic design application I use everyday at work. I currently work at a small local print shop as a typesetter (I am not a graphic artist, but I can do some cool stuff) where I create, design, and layout the artwork for many orders we print.

"Wait! Walter, you are telling us that you do art at work and code on your free time?" Well, yes. Yes I do. "Well that means your a genius then!" No, I am not a genius, I simply trained myself to do both of these things, because I love both. People can do way more than they are willing to realize if they just try. I don't believe any of that nonsense that most people are either only logical or artsy, not both. That is total crap.

Can I paint Picaso's? Nope, but I do really good at pencil art, some oil painting, and graphic designing (to a limit).

Is that all I can do? Nope. My work history has me doing welding, construction, plumbing, some electrical, forklift driving, rebuilding alternators and starters, building and repairing computer PC's, working on vehicles, and hundreds of other things. Like children, I have never been afraid of trying something at least once (depending on what it is).

Oh, I also love building things too.

Walter Whitman
The Joyful Programmer