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Connect Four in QB64 - Anthony.R.Brown - 06-22-2014 06:34 AM

I took a look at you checkersx game. That was an interesting concept how you used the arrow key to move the cursor. When I make my games that play on the diagonal, I used the number key pad. with 5 being your current location, pressing 1, 3,7 & 9 would move the cursor left down, right down, left up & right up. Numbers 2,4,6 & 8 would move the cursor down, left, right & up.

Anyway getting back to Chess 2014. Will you be using mouse input or keyboard?

 You also mentioned using full screen. I messed around trying to use full screen, but my graphics get distorted. I like using the 1000x725 window for 2 reasons. 1: if someone wanted to play my games on a CRT monitor, that resolution works fine. I still own 3 computers with CRT monitors. 2: If something happens during the making or during the end result and the program gets caught up in an endless loop, I can X out the window to terminate it. In, full screen, I'd have to force the computer to shut down to terminate the program.

I looked at the image files for the pieces, they are very nice. I was thinking instead of using solid black and white squares, maybe finding some marble images to represent the squares. 

Also, there are 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 player chess sets. Are these options something to consider?

Do you want to have an option when a player clicks on a piece, the computer hi lights all the squares for that moves?

You will need a way to unselect a piece that you have clicked on and choose a different one. That is pretty easy. With keyboard input, I offer ways. 1: press BACKSPACE or press ENTER while at the at the current selected piece location.

Do you want to use row and column notation to record moves and maybe even save a game in play and load and it back up?

These are just some questions. Also is this where the CHESS 2014 will be located?


Hi Donald

First of all the CheckerX Game is Not! mine (: I wish it was...but it is another Game I would like to improve and bring up to Date in the same way as QBASIC CHESS 2014
For the Chess it's always best to use the simple Click on a Piece and move/Drag to a Square method using a Mouse!
The Full Screen was just a Statement because of how small the Original Program Screen display is Smile as long as it's almost Full screen and possibly adjustable to a smaller you have said above!

Your Quote: (Also, there are 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 player chess sets. Are these options something to consider?)

I am Not! sure about that I have not noticed that in the Program at the moment.

High lighting the Piece that you have clicked on is always a Good idea!

Unselecting a Piece can be done just by Clicking on it again.

I would like to use full Notation like 1.E2 - E4 It's then much better for replaying games as there can Only be One Piece on any given Square like E2 or E4 Etc.

Game save is a definite requirement and being able to load a Game .PGN Format is the Best! as it's the most universal.

QBASIC CHESS 2014 Will be in the Thread all the time! and as the Program progresses... updated Saves can be saved by Date...easily showing the last Version and where it is up to something like QBASICCHESS2014-D220614.BAS

I would also like an Analyses Output Window! (Turn on/off) I am thinking about the best layout at the moment! ?

And back to the (Board) A - H & 1 - 8 Notation showing where the Squares are.

I Have just done the above! Smile and made  QBASICCHESS2014-D220614.BAS  take a look below the Program is Now! made up of (17) different Sections for People to work on.