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Connect Four in QB64 - Donald Foster - 06-21-2014 11:01 PM

I took a look at you checkersx game. That was an interesting concept how you used the arrow key to move the cursor. When I make my games that play on the diagonal, I used the number key pad. with 5 being your current location, pressing 1, 3,7 & 9 would move the cursor left down, right down, left up & right up. Numbers 2,4,6 & 8 would move the cursor down, left, right & up.

Anyway getting back to Chess 2014. Will you be using mouse input or keyboard?

 You also mentioned using full screen. I messed around trying to use full screen, but my graphics get distorted. I like using the 1000x725 window for 2 reasons. 1: if someone wanted to play my games on a CRT monitor, that resolution works fine. I still own 3 computers with CRT monitors. 2: If something happens during the making or during the end result and the program gets caught up in an endless loop, I can X out the window to terminate it. In, full screen, I'd have to force the computer to shut down to terminate the program.

I looked at the image files for the pieces, they are very nice. I was thinking instead of using solid black and white squares, maybe finding some marble images to represent the squares. 

Also, there are 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 player chess sets. Are these options something to consider?

Do you want to have an option when a player clicks on a piece, the computer hi lights all the squares for that moves?

You will need a way to unselect a piece that you have clicked on and choose a different one. That is pretty easy. With keyboard input, I offer ways. 1: press BACKSPACE or press ENTER while at the at the current selected piece location.

Do you want to use row and column notation to record moves and maybe even save a game in play and load and it back up?

These are just some questions. Also is this where the CHESS 2014 will be located?