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Quarto! Board Game in QB64 - Waltersmind - 06-15-2015 01:36 AM


You are very welcomed.

I don't know much about c++ either at this time, though I have wrote some simple demos in it earlier this week. I was studying up on it and I was using the MinGW-64Bit toolchain that I mention in my *.PDF tutorial on how to update QB64 32Bit to 64Bit. I was testing out the "CodeBlocks" application that allows you to develop c++ applications. I had to learn how to set it up to use it, but some of it is a pain. I think I may go back to my favorite text editor and code it there, and then use a *.BAT (batch) file to compile and link my projects. I was trying to find a little bit of stuff that I could use when I create "The C++ Edition" forum which will be about programming in c++.

What parts of my demos caused you to be lost? I really didn't use any equations to draw my demos, I used code like, "CIRCLE, PAINT, _MAPTRIANGLE, etc..." to draw every part in each demo, just like what you do when you use "DRAW, CIRCLE, etc..." in your games. That is what I was originally referring to.

Donald, I think you are not giving yourself enough credit when it comes to doing game graphics. The artwork you made on all your other games have been just as complex, if not more then chess pieces. Remember, it is all about abstraction, not realism. You can make all the chess pieces with CIRCLE, LINE()-(),BF, and PAINT, and still make them look good. So please don't cut yourself short on your abilities. With what I have seen in your games, you could do a great job at it.

One last thing and as a side note, I finally came up with a tag line for "The Joyful Programmer". It is: "A Voice for the Hobbyist Programmers and Tinkerers." What do you think of it?

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