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Quarto! Board Game in QB64 - Donald Foster - 06-14-2015 06:24 PM

Thank you for the information on Procedural Generation, I did research on Google and found it interesting, though most of the information I found was mostly directing to video games and a lot of the example code was in C++. However, video games is not that much different than board games and I do understand a little C++. I don't know C++ well enough to write any games in it, but enough to be to follow the code. I tried teaching my self C++ a long time through books I purchased, But was lost with the examples they used, I could not relate to them as many to me were note real life examples.

I did take a look at your demos of your clocks and other graphics programs, but I was completely lost. I still don't know trig functions yet, but in time with help from Google, Youtube and other members, I know I can learn. I got a lot of help from a QB64 forum member menn. He drew fancy trig demos using DRAW statement. I had now idea you could do that. I didn't know QB64 added TA and P to the DRAW statement. At the same time Steve at QB64 forum was using trig functions and teaching how they worked, but I'm still behind on that, I know I will learn it. I wish I hadn't taken 20 years off from programming, things I would already know how to do by now.

I am interested in helping you with the graphics on your game, but my abilities are very limited. I'm fairly good at abstract strategy games that don't have too much detail in the board and pieces. When you asked me to help you with your chess, those pieces have too much detail and would be better to find some nice looking sprites and load them into the game. But that's still an area that I haven't developed yet. I am certainly no good at games like Risk that has way too much detail in the board. But, when your ready to start working on it, let me know, I'll see what I can do.