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General Projects
My take on a new LINE INP...
by smokingwheels
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Graphical Demos, Projects, and Special Effects
Waltersmind's - Hauntingl...
by SirCrow
Threads: 85
Posts: 353
Video Games
by eoredson
Threads: 55
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Video Games of the Programming Guru's
Coffee Simulator V1.4 - T...
by johnno56
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OpenGL in QB64
Cube Plasma
by bplus
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Sound & Music Demos
Audio presentation of num...
by johnno56
Threads: 3
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AI Pathfinding Algorithms
by bplus
Threads: 17
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Digital Image Processing Filters
Digital image processing filters use a convolution matrix (kernel) filter to modify the appearance of an image.
by Waltersmind
Threads: 8
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Educational Projects and Demos
Maxwel Equations?
by bplus
Threads: 6
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File & Directory/Folder Access & Minipulation
Create, Save, Load client...
by Waltersmind
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Image Formats - Creation and Conversion
I searched high and low -...
by codeguy
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Math Theorems, Functions, Formulas, Equations, & Algorithmic Code Snippets & Projects
Nested EOF() Loops readin...
by MLambert
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QB64 Libraries
QB64 libraries are external functions and data located in *.BI, *.BM, and *.c files, that help expand any QB64 project quickly and easily.
Open Serial Com communica...
by FrankD
Threads: 4
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Sorting Algorithms
Sorting algorithms for ya
by eoredson
Threads: 4
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TCP/IP Projects & Demos
A Screen 0 Newsfeed Clock
by Waltersmind
Threads: 2
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QB64 touch utiltity
by eoredson
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Windows API
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