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Full Version: Spinning RGB Sub-Pixel Color Wheel
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Well folks, after creating and sharing my little color rotating text demo earlier (seen here: Rotating Colors in Text Strings ver 2.0 (Cool)), I also shared the color wheel I created to use in the creation of the color rotating text demo. After posting the color wheel image, I wondered how many people would actually understand what I saw in the color wheel image. So to give people a little more insight into my thoughts, without coming out and explaining in detail what my thoughts were, I sat down and created another little animated demo to give people visual clues of my thoughts.

This demo uses three *.PNG images so I have attached a *.ZIP containing all the images and source code to the project.

One important feature that I would like to mention about this demo is that it uses hardware acceleration in QB64, and uses the _MAPTRIANGLE hardware command.

Here is a screenshot of the demo, unanimated:


The three external images that this demo uses are a *.PNG for the wheel itself, one *.PNG for the center white decal, and one *.PNG for the transparent wheel cover. I used 32-Bit *.PNG images since it uses the alpha channel which gives us the ability to have non-solid images.

To see where I came up with this color wheel, and what I used it for, please visit the post here on The QB64 Edition, located at: Rotating Colors in Text Strings ver 2.0 (Cool)

Walter Whitman
The Joyful Programmer
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