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Full Version: Touche Board Game in QB64
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Hello Everyone,

Touche is a 2 player board game played on a 5 X 5 game Board. The object of the game is to get 4 of your color magnets in a row horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Player 1 is white and player 2 is red.

There are 6 round shaped clear pieces and 6 square shaped clear pieces. All of the pieces has a magnet in them that is painted white on one side and red on the other side. Under the game board are 5 magnetic strips with five assorted magnet arrangements. At the beginning of each game, the magnetic strips are randomly placed under the game board.

6 round pieces are lined up in Player 1's reserve area with the magnets showing white side up and 6 square pieces placed on the other side of the board in Player 2's reserve area with the magnets showing red side up. Only player 1 is permitted to move the round pieces from their reserve area and place them in their starting row on the board or allowed to jump a piece from the reserve area over a piece in the starting row and land on the row just past the starting row. Only player 2 is allowed to move the square pieces pieces from their reserve row to their starting row. Their starting row is the row closest to their reserve row.

Once pieces is placed on to the blue 5 X 5 game board, any piece of any shape can be played by either player. Pieces can move 1 space horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Pieces may also jump over another another piece directly next to it horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Multiple jumps are permitted, however that player must announce in advance the path the jumping piece is taking and where it's final position will be before the move is performed so both players can see the response of the colors of the magnets as the piece moves to each position in the path.

Controls: use ARROW keys to move the cursor and ENTER to select a board location. BACKSPACE will allow you to choose a different location.

At the start of the game, a large cursor will appear around player 1' reserve area on the left side of the board. Play 1's only option is to press ENTER to choose playing a piece from his reserve are. After pressing ENTER, the board spaces on the left side of the game board will be filled in blue to indicate the legal moves the selected piece can move to. Also another cursor will appear on the left side of the game board. Move that cursor to the location you want to move your piece to. After pressing ENTER, a piece will be removed from then reserve area and placed onto the board. The color of the magnet when the piece is placed on the board is affected by the magnetic strips that has been randomly placed under the before the game begins.

The player 2's turn is similar to player 1's first move, but playing the square pieces from the right side of the board. Once pieces are played onto the game board, players will have the option of adding a new piece to the board from their reserve area or move an existing piece that's already on the board with he exception of playing the last piece played by their opponent. Single moves are made by the player selection a piece to play then press ENTER, then choosing one on the blue high-lighted spaces and pressing ENTER.

Making a single jump, the player choose the piece you want to play then choosing a location to move piece to, similar to a single move. However, if the location to your piece to is next to other pieces, you will be given the option of continuing to choose more jumps. A cursor will surround each location you wish to jump to and a number will appear in the space to indicate the path the player wishes to jump. A player has the option of stopping path of jumps by pressing ENTER at the location of the last jump.

I have included a copy of the rules.

Hope you enjoy playing.


This was a very interesting game indeed, and as always, you did a great job on the graphics and game play.

Another great game to add to the list.

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