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Full Version: Pivit Board Game in QB64
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Hello all,

Pivit is a 2 to 4 player board game played on an 8 X 8 board. When playing the 2 player game, players have the option of playing on a 6 X 6 board.

Each player has 2 sided pieces with the white background piece Minion pieces and the colored background pieces called Master pieces. Each piece has a set of arrows indication the direction that piece can move. The arrows either face up/down or right/left. The Minions can move the length of the board, may only land on a square opposite the color it started from (every other square). The Master pieces can also move the full length of the board, but can stop on any color square. All pieces can land on an empty square or 1 occupied by your opponent and capture that piece. After a completes it's move, that piece is pivited and now faces the other 2 directions. A Minion is promoted to a Master when it land on 1 of the corners of the board.

The game ends when there are no more Minions left on the board.

The Winner is the player having the most Masters on the board. In a tie, the Winner is the player with the most master who were first to promote.

Controls: Use Arrow Keys to move the Cursor. ENTER to select a piece or board location. BACKSPACE to select a different piece to play.

I have included a copy of the rules.

Hope you enjoy playing!!!


Nice Game Donald Smile

I have an Idea have you ever thought about making any of your Games in 3D Smile I know it's easy for me to ask but I Imagine it's much more Complex to do!

Very cool idea Anthony, and it could be done with the _MAPTRIANGLE command (along with a few others of course).

Donald, that really looks like a fun game, and I can't wait to give it a try. It will be awhile before I do though, but I will let you and everyone else who has posted projects here when I get the chance to try everything.

Walter Whitman
The Joyful Programmer
Anthony and Walter,

I never learned how to do 3D and rotating and 3D image. I once took a 3D board game, "Strata 5", that I thought I would never make and found a way to display it on several 2D levels. There were too many camera angles for me to try to reproduce. However, I was pleased with the end result of a game that was never going to be written.

It is my plan, however to try to make a 3D Rubik's Cube. I don't know if I can learn how to rotate the cube, but I can show 3 sides of the cube and beside it, show the other 3 sides.

I have a 3D jigsaw puzzle game and it rotates the image from any camera angle. I would love to learn how to that. But for now I'll keep writing what I know how to make.

Thank you both for the response and the suggestions.

I'm in Florida on vacation visiting my sister and mom. I didn't bring laptop this trip, but my sister is letting me use hers. I started another game before I left that's almost finished. I can't wait to get it done and show you guys.


I played this game several times, and I love it. It really makes you look at things a little different.

This is another wonderful game in your collection, and I appreciate all the work you have done to not only bring you joy in creating them (programming wise) but the joy you get when we play them and enjoy it.

Thank you for sharing.

Walter Whitman
The Joyful Programmer
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I think I get the most enjoyment from sharing the games. Giving other people the chance to experience the end result of an ideal you imaged in your mind. Then created it. My games are like my children.

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