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Full Version: _MAPTRIANGLE Test-01
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Here is a _MAPTRIANGLE graphics demo that uses hardware acceleration.

Please note, this demo requires the latest QB64-GL Dirty Build. Also, the current dirty-build has a bug in it that eats resources, so this demo will crash after it uses over 900MB of ram. Galleon is fully aware of this issue and it should be resolved by 8/18/14.

I created the explosion image, so it is not copyrighted material found on the internet. You may use it for what project you wish.


Here is a YouTube video of the demo in action.

The window can be resized manually, so grab the corners or sides and start dragging!

Have some fun!

Walter Whitman
The Joyful Programmer

I have no clue how you make your graphics, but it is really nice. I have a lot to learn.


The explosion graphics was created by a program I found on the internet. It was simple program that someone shared with the world. The bars with "The Joyful Programmer" on them was created with some demo code that Steve McNeil wrote. I figured since it was using hardware acceleration, I would add the explosions on it to see how many explosions I do in a second. My work computer was able to do over 15,000 explosions in a second.

Walter Whitman
The Joyful Programmer
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